Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning Service Forest GroveThe best time to prune a particular plant is dependent of a number of factors – the most important of which is when it blooms.  Plants that bloom in early spring form their flower buds on twigs that grew the previous summer.  These spring-flowering plants should be pruned in the spring or early summer after their blooms are spent.  Other plants bloom on the current season’s growth may be pruned in the fall or early winter (Roses).  Late winter is a good time to prune most shade trees and removal of dead or damaged wood should always be done immediately regardless of the season.  Oregon GreenThumb would love to take care of your Trees and Shrubs to improve the look of your home.  This service is part of our Yearly Property Management Program.

All of our employees are trained to the same high standards, and serve our mission to provide quality, custom landscape maintenance to our clients.

Green Solutions

If you are looking for environmentally friendly solutions to your landscaping needs we can help! Here are a few additional green services we offer:

  • Sweeping and raking of leaves and debris (to prevent clogged drains)
  • Non-Chemical Weed Killer
  • Organic Fertilizers
  • Pet Friendly Solutions

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